Are you behind on your loan EMIs and credit card payments?

Are you dodging collection calls?

Is your Debt out of control?

Start your journey to FREEDom from Debt today with our Debt Resolution Program and Regain Control! It all begins with a free evaluation, a phone call or through our App. No matter what’s going on in your financial life, we’re here to help!

India’s 1st Debt Relief Platform, FREED is helping others just like you in their journeys to becoming Debt Free and stress free. Get a Free Consultation Now!

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How Debt Resolution Works

We Evaluate

FREED’s Platform analyses your debt & determines your eligibility for a Debt Resolution Program.

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We Budget

We understand the financial hardships you are facing and customise your program per your budget and financial goals.

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You Sign-up

You sign-up for the Debt Resolution Program customised to your affordability and the financial analysis of your debt.

You Save

You save in your Special Purpose Account at your own pace. When you save any amount over your monthly savings obligation, you fast-track your journey to a debt-free future.

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We Negotiate

We understand your debt load is much larger than what you can afford. As you build up your savings, FREED starts negotiating with your creditors to get you a significant reduction on your total outstanding debt.

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FREEDom from Debt

You follow your Debt Resolution Program by making sure you save every month and Get FREED!

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How Much Does Debt Relief Cost?

Even with the cost of the program and the monthly subscription, you still pay much lower than your total outstanding debt at the start of the program.

On average, customers pay 58%* less when enrolled in FREED’s Debt Resolution Program.

Monthly Subscription
Program Cost
Monthly Subscription starts at

₹ 649

Debt Relief services included in the subscription.

  • SPA Management
  • Harassment Protection
  • Pre-Litigation Support
  • Relationship Manager
  • Creditor Communication
  • Monthly Budgeting
  • Regular Counselling
  • Creditor Payout
  • Client Dashboard
  • Free Credit Report

10% fee on your enrolled debt is charged when your debt is settled with your creditors. You only pay when we relieve you of debt.


*Please note that clients who are able to stay in the program and get their debts settled realize approximate savings of 50% before our fees and 35% including our fees. All claims are estimates and are based on the enrolled debts and the program tenure. Not all clients are able to complete their program for various reasons, including their ability to keep up with the program payments and save sufficient funds. Not all debts are eligible for enrollment in the Debt Resolution program. FREED doesn’t recommend enrollment in a Debt Resolution Program unless there is a genuine financial hardship experienced by a client leading to non-payment of dues.
There is no guarantee that your debts would be resolved within a specific period of time or they would be lowered by a specific amount or percentage. We do not assume your debts, make monthly payments to your creditors or provide tax, accounting or legal advice. Please read and understand all program details prior to enrollment. Enrolling in the Debt Resolution Program will have an adverse impact on your credit rating and may result in you being subjected to aggressive collection measures or even being sued by creditors. The accounts you enroll may continue to accrue fees and interest, however, negotiated settlements that we obtain on your behalf would resolve the entire account balance, including accrued fees and interest.

Success Stories

Customers who joined the Get FREED movement are getting closer to their Debt FREE Futures.


I got my first debt settled within 4 months of enrolling with FREED. I recommend FREED for its great support and structured approach to get you out of debt.


IT Professional


They helped me in every way. Whenever recovery agents called, they would talk to them and encourage us. Anu Ma’am and Jyoti Ma’am would assure us and say, “Nobody can do anything to you. We and our whole team are with you.

Aarti Gupta

IT Professional


Support from FREED is very good. On business days you can call and get your doubt clarification very well. They always response in positive way. The service is very good I was having problem with my credit card and FREED helped me to resolve that very well.

Murli Krishna

Process Associate


Team at FREED has been very professional in their approach, their CHPP program helped me great deal to manage my creditors. I saved significantly on my debt as well.

Siddharth Kumar

Corporate Leader


The best part of FREED program is that you will be assigned a Relationship Manager, she personally handled my creditors when I was under tremendous pressure. Its a 5 star experience for me

Suvadeep Dutta

IT Professional


I was harassed by the creditors, they did not understand my concern. FREED team handled my calls many times. I found FREED when I was in need. Now I am debt free, thank you FREED!

Kumar ramesh Polu


I have checked with other companies for resolving my debt but other companies were charging more, and even doing fake advertisements. Compared to all other debt settlement companies in India, I found Freed was the best as they did what they promised.


Business Owner


I was surfing on Facebook in May, I saw FREED’s ad about helping customers to get out of the debt trap. I was already in a debt trap. In lockdown, I used my cards and was not able to pay due to salary cut and I started receiving calls from creditors for payment. I didn’t know to handle the situation. After I enrolled in Freed program my account manager Mr Ajay took care of harassing creditors’ call, supported me for settlement and helped me become debt-free. After 7 months, I am almost free from debt and I am thankful to Freed. Friends if anyone getting harassment calls kindly enroll in this program. One thing I like that they have all account managers for different languages. I am from Tamil Nadu so Mr. Ajay spoke to me in Tamil. I would specially like to thank Ajay and the team for the support.

Dharshan Kumar S



I really appreciate Freed’s team and I basically want to mention few names- Mr. Parth and Mr. Vikash. I want to thank Freed because during lockdown I lost my job, then I came to know about freed and they supported me a lot.

Soleman Kabir


Tremendous Approach. They will clear each and every steps. 5 stars, best customer service. I really appreciate all the efforts from FREED . From customer service department, he put on solving my issue. I was pleasantly surprised. Great work! The FREED team represents among the highest levels of customer service I have experienced. Information was accurate, responses to queries were turned around very fast. Answers were clear and where necessary detailed enough for us to make informed decisions quickly. Thank You very much for the valuable support.

Srinivasan G

IT Senior Associate

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