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Debt relief isn’t just reducing the debt owed by you, it is about eliminating your debt and living a debt free life. If you are living paycheck to paycheck because of the debt that you owe or if you are already behind on your monthly payments, chances are that you need debt relief.

Most of your unsecured debts (not backed by a collateral) can be enrolled. If the majority of your debt load consists of personal loans, credit card debts, payday loans, BNPL loans; you can expect a good result from our Debt Relief Platform.

Not paying your credit dues or barely making the minimum payment on your credit cards every month impacts your credit score negatively. FREED’s Debt Relief Program may or may not affect your credit score depending on the program you qualify for. FREED’s Debt Resolution Program will have a negative impact on your credit score and rating, but once your debts are settled, your score will gradually improve. However, if you qualify for FREED’s Debt Consolidation Program, your score would not get impacted negatively, rather your score will start to improve.

The cost of debt relief will vary depending on the program you qualify for. Your financial profile, debt load, affordability, and goals can significantly affect the cost of Debt Relief for you. However, we fully understand that customers looking for debt relief should not be financially burdened any further. FREED’s Debt Relief Programs are structured to ensure that even after paying our fees, customers save significantly* on their total outstanding debt.

Your savings on FREED’s Debt Relief Programs are dependent on your debt load, affordability, complete financial profile, and financial goals. Depending on the Debt Relief Program you qualify for, you will be able to save between 10%-30%* on your monthly EMIs or up to 50%* on your total outstanding debt load.

FREED's platform helps consumers with the burden of unsecured debts (Credit Card debts, Personal loans, etc.). At this point, we will not be able to help with debt that is secured by a collateral (such as home loans or auto loans). However, once you have graduated from the program, the money that you had been paying towards your debts enrolled with FREED, can now be used for paying off your secured debts comfortably and for building your financial future. The goal of this program is to drive responsible financial behavior and to build credit awareness among our customers. While, many businesses thrive on repeat business, at FREED we do not want to see any repeat customers.

If you haven’t been making the monthly payments on your credit card, it is very likely that the card would be closed by the creditor. However, even if the creditor hasn’t closed your card, we recommend not to use any more of the available balance on that credit card account.

The Debt Resolution Program and the Debt Consolidation Program are two forms of debt-relief from FREED, India's 1st and most trusted Debt Relief Platform. Both these programs cater to customers that are in different phases of their struggles with debt. FREED’s Debt Resolution Program is the last resort for financially distressed customers, who are burdened by unmanageable debt. If you’re unable to make payments towards your debt but have a strong intent to get rid of your debt, our Debt Resolution Program can help you start fresh and regain your financial freedom. Our Debt Consolidation Program on the other hand is a preventive measure for customers, who over-leveraged with debt. Living paycheck to paycheck by making minimum payments on your debt means you’re one unforeseen expense away from being in a debt trap and delinquency. Our Debt Consolidation Program helps relieve your financial burden by reducing your EMI through lower interest rates and/or longer tenure.

FREED's Debt Relief Platform is completely transparent and fair and we have designed a simple and better way to deal with debt. Any program fees or subscription fees that you'll have to pay will be declared before you enroll into our program. There are no hidden fees, whatsoever!

Your debt and income is analysed by FREED’s platform. Post the analysis, FREED will enroll you for the debts that qualify for the program, subject to your affordability and financial goals.
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