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Financial decisions are often the hardest ones. And they become more difficult when you are going through financial hardship. Financial hardship, anyway, comes with a lot of anxiety, stress, and problems. The pressure increases with multiple calls, harassment from creditors, and interest rate. With approximately $16 Billion in default from Indian household debt, many people are going through financial hardship due to which they are not able to repay their debts. The problem is not just debt; the problem is that there are no debt relief measures for people in India.

Since there were no debt relief measures for consumers in India before the pandemic. FREED was built to help the debt-burdened people in India. With the mission to create a comprehensive debt relief platform in India and provide debt relief to Indian customers, our team introduced a debt settlement program for consumers who have not been paying their debt(s) due to financial hardship.

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If you are going through a financial hardship, have not been able to repay your monthly dues, and are looking for debt-relief options, this is for you! Read this blog, know what our debt relief program offers and make a sound decision for a secure financial future.

1. We know what we are doing.

Being the pioneers in the debt relief space in India, we understand your problem. Our core team has combined experience of over three decades in the debt relief space in the USA. From the financial stress to the anxiety that comes with it, our team recognizes your problems and strives to provide the best possible solution as per your situation. Moreover, we know that debt settlement is not for everyone, so we can vouch that you will only be offered debt settlement services if required.

2. Professional Support

We often get asked, “Why should we take your services if we can settle ourselves?” The truth is anyone can approach their lender for settlement, but would you get a reasonable settlement offer? No one knows. Our team includes trained debt counsellors, relationship managers, and expert negotiators. We make sure that you get the best settlement offer on the table. And we do not negotiate until we receive your consent. Moreover, you will be assigned your personal relationship manager, who will guide you, help you make a budget, push you to stay on track with your debt settlement program, and instill financial discipline. So, you can rely on our services as our team of professionals works hard to provide you the support you need.

3. Harassment Support

The prominent problem people face while dealing with debt is acute harassment by creditors. Technically, it is not the creditor who harasses a debt-burdened customer; they are the collection agents hired by your creditors. Our enrolled clients are protected against harassment with the Creditor Harassment Protection Program (CHPP). Moreover, our team of paralegals also provides pre-litigation assistance to the customers against unlawful collection practices from the creditors.

4. Instill Financial Discipline

The first step towards financial freedom is to curb overspending and end unnecessary expenditure. Financial freedom comes with financial discipline. Our debt settlement program helps you become financially disciplined. With services like budgeting, you will be able to stay on track to attain financial freedom.

5. Pay Only When We Settle

Of course, our services come at a cost. The fee for your debt settlement program depends on your debt load. We charge a flat rate of 10% plus GST on the total enrolled debt load. The catch here is that your fee is not taken in advance. We only charge the fee when we settle your debt. Our expert negotiators provide you best settlement offer to help you save 40-50% on your enrolled debt.

We hope this helps you decide on your next step. If you are stuck in the debt trap and struggling to repay it, you must make conscious efforts to deal with your debts. Once you eliminate debt, you can walk towards building a secure financial future. If you are looking for debt relief services, you can drop your details here to receive a call back from our side.

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