Who taught you to be scared of your debt load?


One piece of advice that almost all of us have received or will receive in the future is to never spend more than we earn. Do you remember the ‘Lala’ from ‘Mother India’,or ‘Vasooli Bhai’ from the ‘Golmaal series? These Bollywood movies created an image of lenders that stayed in our subconscious.

A majority of us experienced the behavior of lenders personally or via others. This can be intimidating and threatening. We often fail to realize how the behavior of lenders or the people lending out money makes us scared of "debt." You know there are many people who suffer from ‘Chrematophobia*’? Things do actually get worse for some people. Are you able to relate to someone in this situation?

FREED has come across many individuals while giving FREE Debt Consultation* who have gone through or developed immense anxiety and stress. The debt experts have been listening, reviewing, analyzing, and sharing the possible solutions to each one of them. Whether or not the solutions are accepted varies from person to person. We try our best each time. Empathy being one of our major values, we are able to step into your shoes and understand your unique situation each time you reach out to us before suggesting anything.

We are very careful to offer a sustainable solution. But there is one more thing that we wanted to share.



No, we are not doing it for our sake. We are sharing it because we are empathic toward you. Whenever you enroll with us, we know that you have been through a lot and have a genuine intention to repay. We understand that a hardship has occurred that cannot be dealt with.

For many, the situation has become unbearable and has had severe consequences. Do you know someone who went through a similar situation?

Our debt experts and your relationship managers salute your bravery and intent to overcome. We aren’t hesitant to share that your decision to move ahead towards a debt free future makes the entire FREED team highly motivated. We become more and more enthusiastic about providing you with debt-relief. Your success becomes our success.

Yes, we do charge a Monthly Subscription Fee till you are enrolled in our Debt Relief Program. You also pay a small service fee (after you are debt-free). But we never ask for any upfront fee or apply hidden charges. We are completely transparent in our Debt Relief Process.

We, as professionals, take charges for the services provided. But there is a relationship beyond that. A more of humanitarian venture, to make this world a better place. Our efforts are focused in that direction.

We will feel truly accomplished when you lead a fearless, happy, debt free life!


**FREED provides free consultation to everyone who sends in an inquiry. Each consultation may last about 30-60 minutes.

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