What will happen when you join our Debt Relief Program?


Thank you for considering us. We understand that the journey with debt has not been easy. But from here on, things will change for the better as we work together. Here is what will be happening:

1. Monthly savings in a Special Purpose Account

You will be saving a fixed amount each month in your Special Purpose Account. As the name suggests, this account is created specially to get you out of debt. The total duration of these monthly savings depends on your debt load and budget.

2. Open up to your relationship manager

To make your debt relief program run smoothly, a relationship manager will assist and guide you in your dealings with collection agents and their activities. Apart from this, the relationship manager will help you with any other information/clarification you need about your debt relief program. Please remember that the relationship managers are solely assigned for your convenience, and we request that you update them whenever possible or needed.

3. Legal advice whenever required.

Whenever you receive any legal notice from your creditor, you need to share it with your relationship manager. The notice can be sent by post, email or WhatsApp. You need not get scared by it. FREED's legal team will help you tackle it.

4. Granting permission to go ahead

As soon as you have saved the estimated amount needed for resolution, FREED will seek your consent to begin negotiations with your lender. It is important to note that even though you have your estimated savings for debt settlement in your Special Purpose Account, FREED will not move ahead without your approval. You are in complete charge of your debt relief journey.

5. Freed takes the lead, and you are debt free!

Freed approaches your creditors immediately after receiving your consent to negotiate and obtain the best offer to get you debt-free. On average, Freed is able to negotiate a 56%* reduction in customer debt.

The debt relief program is debtor-friendly. When you connect with our debt experts, they analyze your situation. According to your debt load and budget, a customized debt relief program is presented to you for enrollment. To enroll in this program, you have to pay a minimal Monthly Subscription Fee (MSF) that continues to be paid until the completion of the program. For instance, if your debt relief program runs for 14 months, you will pay MSF for 14 months. The minimal monthly subscription fee is different from your monthly savings in your Special Purpose Account. This subscription fee covers the cost of various services mentioned above and provides you with assistance throughout the debt relief program.

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