Trust: A significant driver of FREED’s debt relief mission.


Journeys seldom begin without a vision. A vision is a promise to the future. Ever since our early years, continued and firm trust that both our journey and the destination will offer a pleasing experience got us enthusiastic and ready to pack bags. FREED understands this fundamental need and hence bases its relief mission on Trust.

Trust at various stages of a customer’s journey translates from reliability to eventually FREED’s capability of helping customers resolve their debt. Here’s how?

1. Every journey requires a first step, trust us

You could be doubtful and wobbly in the mind if you are laden with debt. The clouded mind may not have the potential to see logic and actions might suffer procrastination. FREED is an expert at understanding how that first step will help. Our counsellors not only evaluate your current debts but also instil in you the courage to move forward towards a debt-free future.

2. Pain is temporary, let trust be your sail

No one told you that post the first 100 meters of the drive there is going to be a bump. FREED knows what to expect and stands by your side when you need us anytime during your journey. You could need some counselling, an opinion, a suggestion or just a pat on the back because the journey has barely begun, and you are getting tired already…. Trust us, we are a call away.

3. It might not be easy but definitely worth it

Only a debt-burdened individual knows the anguish of facing the world - peers, relatives and managing debtor collection calls. How about someone helping you understand and manage not just the calls but also the messages and notices you receive from time to time? You can always trust FREED’s expertise and knowledge on pre-litigation and creditor harassment protection services.

4. Not all who wander are lost, trust us to bring you back

During the journey of becoming debt free, you could get derailed. Maybe you wandered around looking for an easy, quick way out. FREED believes in living up to its promise of offering you what is a reliable and sustainable solution at a fee that isn’t upfront and completely transparent, discussed at the onset of the program. Trust us when we say we will deliver.

We would want all our customers to believe in us, not just for our words but for our actions. The proof is our incredible customer base and the pride that they take in thanking us for a journey that could not have been possible in the absence of ‘trust’.

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