Six Reasons You Should Avoid FREED


Shocked? Don't Be. We are trying to make things simpler for you. Let's take a look at something that will help you decide whether or not you should go with FREED. Here we go:

1. We do not want repeat customers.

Seems weird? It is not. FREED aims to relieve you not only of your debt load but to guide you to a debt-free life. FREED never wants you to be in the situation that it has been assisting you with. Though you can reach out to FREED whenever needed and our doors are always open, we genuinely wish a debt-free future for all of you.

2. We do not want to be your last resort

Yes, you read it right. We do not want you to face unpredictable hardships that overwhelm your genuine intentions to repay. We completely understand the trauma of being in a helpless situation. Our relationship managers are trained and sensitized to deal with difficult and sensitive circumstances like this.

3. We do not charge any hidden fee

The thing that sets FREED apart from others is that there is no hidden fee. FREED has one of the most transparent debt relief processes that you will come across. Whenever you get in touch with FREED, you are given a free debt consultation. Before enrolling in the program again, you are once again explained the entire process. The most amazing thing is that you can always clear your doubts with your relationship manager whenever needed.

4. We do not take a service fee before settlement

FREED has been exemplary in the fact that it doesn’t charge for any service before settlement. You have to pay a minimal fee of 10% of your total debt load only when the debt settlement is complete. FREED never charges an upfront fee.

You pay a Monthly Subscription Fee till you are enrolled in one of the debt relief programs. The tenure and amount of your MSF depends on your total debt load. MSF is different from the service fee charged after the settlement.

5. We do not let you pay your entire debt load

When you reach FREED, your intention to repay and your hardships are established. Once they are found to be genuine, we try our best to get your debt load reduced as much as possible.

6. We do not get involved in anything that is not legally or ethically compliant

Since its inception, FREED has been legally compliant and has never failed to match the ethical standards and values of the organization.

Driven by the values of Empathy, Passion & Service, FREED provides genuine debt relief.

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