Locating yourself in the world of debt!


Hey! Don’t skip this blog. This is not only for debtors but for everyone. We are dwelling on possibilities here. Oh, come on, don’t see debt through the lens of a taboo. Debt is much more common than you think, and lending-borrowing are a worldwide practice dating back to ancient times. So why talk about it now? We are talking about it now because many young adults and others are not able to handle their debt well. This is becoming a persistent problem, and there is very little conversation about it.

We are not denying the conversations that happen with experts and people who are well aware of the issue. We are talking about a conversation among the masses. Debt is still a taboo subject, and people avoid openly discussing it.

We have to accept it openly and discuss it as we discuss other issues relevant to us. With the prevalence of the "shame culture," individuals hesitate to open up and share their concerns. They go into a state of denial. It's high time to stop that and actually look at things. Thus, if you are using a credit card or having a person loan, this should concern you.

Debt is healthy until you are able to repay it and manage it without any tension. As soon as you are not able to manage repayments due to a hardship or forgetfulness and have to struggle to match the timeline and amount set by the lender and agreed upon by you, you are just one step away from falling into a debt trap. There are different stages to it:

  1. You missed the payment on the due date. You made the first payment after 2–3 reminders.
  2. You are struggling to make the payment despite of multiple reminders; you are able to make only partial payments.
  3. You are not able to afford even partial payments.
  4. You are not able to make any payments at all, and it has been some time now.

Do you fall into one of these categories? Or do you know anyone who is in these stages? Well, let us tell you openly and clearly that they need debt relief. With our experience, we can vouch that all four stages can be difficult to deal with if you don’t have someone around. In the world of debt, the lenders try their best to regain what it seems they are losing. To do that, many times things go to an unimaginable extent. Someone who is new to all of this may not know what to do and suffer life-long trauma as a result. Not only does the debtor suffer, but so do their loved ones.

If you have someone who can help, that is great, but if there is no one to rely on, FREED is always available. You can fully trust us with your debt matters, and we assure you that we will pull you out like no one else. So, what are you waiting for?

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