Is it possible to try DIY debt relief?


Yes, it is possible. You can directly negotiate with your creditors and try to settle your accounts. So, what’s the problem?

1. Your creditor might not agree to the amount you want to settle

This is the most common problem faced by those who try to settle their accounts on their own. The creditor might not be convinced about your hardships and may not believe your story.

2. Your creditor may uphold the terms and conditions for settlement

Unfortunately, when you try to negotiate with your creditor on your own, their team might dominate and dictate your discussions.

3. You have to maintain detailed records of your conversations.

Your creditor might have many employees working under them, and it is not necessary that you interact with the same employee throughout your debt settlement journey.

4. Nothing is final until it is documented.

When you try to settle your loan on your own, you cannot just go by word of mouth. Nothing is confirmed until it is well documented.

Looks tough? Well, it can be. If you think you cannot manage this on your own, FREED’s Debt Relief Program is always available.

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