Is Debt Relief a scam?


It is not hard to get negative publicity, and some believe that all publicity is good. Recently, we discovered that some people are saying that debt relief companies are actually scams. No, we are not offended. We understand where this is coming from, and we are here to clarify, not because we are guilty of it but because we know and understand that lack of knowledge creates misunderstanding.

FREED, India's 1st Debt Relief Platform, is not just another debt relief company that makes all sorts of claims to help you with debt. We are legally compliant and have followed each and every guideline while setting up and operating our organization. Empathy, passion, and service are our values. Our Debt Relief Programs- Debt Consolidation Program and the Debt Resolution Program, are fully transparent. We never charge an upfront fee. We don’t have any hidden charges.

You can try it for yourself. You are eligible for a FREE Debt Consultation regardless of how you connect with FREED—whether through an app, a website, or an advertisement. Our debt experts devote quality time to listening to your concerns, pulling out your credit report, analyzing your debt load, and letting you know if you are eligible for the debt relief program or not. As mentioned earlier, FREED has its own parameters that allow it to help the debtors. We don’t just enroll people for the sake of it and provide temporary relief. We know that this does much more harm to the debtor than anything else. The temporary debt relief providers create an illusion for the debtor that he is now debt-free, but in reality, he is not. The debt load never goes away. It stays as it is. The debtor will have to pay it in the future. This is sadly true but happening, and this is why people lose trust in professional help. But FREED doesn’t do that.

As soon as it is established that you are eligible for the program, you are provided all the details and given the choice to enroll. Please note that we never push anyone to enroll. We leave it to you. We never say that we will do everything and take the burden of the debtor on us. We know who we can assist and how. Once you enroll with us, you are once again briefed about the program. A relationship manager is assigned to each of our clients and is available to assist you throughout the process. They are completely accessible and help you with all kinds of relevant information and updates related to your debt relief program. Your program is completed only when you are able to save a lump-sum in your Special Purpose Account that will allow FREED to approach your lender. FREED will charge its service fee only after the deal is closed with your lender. You pay a Monthly Subscription Fee until the time you are enrolled in the program which is different from the nominal service fee that you pay us after your debt is resolved. Please note that the MSF goes to the different services that are provided to you, which include assistance by the relationship manager, harassment assistance, etc. We are not charging a fee for something that we are not providing. FREED is TRANSPARENT! It provides actual debt relief and makes a debt-free future possible.

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