Is debt causing you stress?


Is a debt-free life too much to ask for? Should you consider therapy? Should you seek professional help? Is there no solution to it? All of these questions are normal when you are in a debt trap.

If you find yourself asking whether a debt-free life is too much to ask for, or if you should consider therapy or seek professional help, know that these questions are normal when you're caught in a debt trap.

The inability to repay your debt can cause stress, but it's not just the debt itself that's responsible. It's also the accompanying factors like coercive collection practices, repeated calls for repayments, societal pressure, and stigma that weigh heavily on the debtor’s mind. Amidst these persistent concerns, people often find themselves feeling alone because they may not have anyone to confide in or, if they do, they may not have someone who truly listens without judgment.

A recent study shows that people in financial hardship are uncomfortable talking about their struggles with debt, yet they feel relieved when they find someone willing to listen and offer solutions. The number of people falling into the debt trap due to an inability to manage their payments is increasing by the day, accompanied by a growing burden of stress.

While therapy can provide temporary peace of mind, it's essential to address the root cause of the problem. This is where a debt expert comes in, offering not only counseling and advice but also a structured plan to navigate you swiftly out of the debt trap. As an organization that understands the emotional and financial stress of debt, we urge you to seek professional help when you feel trapped. A debt-free life is certainly not too much to ask for.

At FREED, our debt counselors work like therapists, listening to your problems before offering tailor-made solutions to help you regain your financial freedom.

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