How to Use the FREED App?


In order to provide a seamless experience to all who are seeking debt relief, FREED has launched a Web App. If you haven't had a chance to try it, you must now! Here is how to start

  1. Click on “Get Freed”
  2. Adjust the sliders for your unpaid personal loans and credit cards.
  3. Confirm if you paid any EMI in the last three months.
  4. Now you are able to see a graph that also tells you when you can actually get debt-free.
  5. If this interests you, click on 'Unlock Debt Relief Program'.
  6. As soon as you do that, a small form appears. Enter the required details.
  7. Now, enter the OTP you must have received on your registered mobile number.
  8. Continue your journey with your credit report. A debt expert will connect with you from here on.

Pretty Simple? Isn't it?

The debt expert will let you know if you are eligible for FREED's Debt Relief Program or not. It is true that not everyone can enroll in FREED's Debt Relief Program. If you are eligible, the debt expert will elaborate on the program for you.

P.S. FREED's debt experts may ask you for relevant information to understand your problems. We assure you that all your information and data are safe with us and will not be used anywhere else without your permission.

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