How much can FREED do for you?


When we devote our energy and time to something, we expect results. That's fair enough, isn’t it? So, here we are letting you know how much FREED can do for you. The rest is entirely up to you.


Whenever a debtor approaches FREED, our debt experts are aware that they are not in a position to afford consultation charges. We do not take any upfront fees either. Free consultation is provided to all, irrespective of whether they enroll in our program or not. Please keep in mind that we are not discussing a quick scan of your debt problem and recommending a one-size-fits-all solution. A regular consultation in FREED lasts between half an hour and an hour, during which our debt experts patiently listen to your debt history and the hardships that landed you in debt. Following that, they request some information and obtain your credit report, which allows them to analyze your debt load and determine whether or not they can assist you with debt relief programs such as debt consolidation and debt resolution.

2. FREED customizes a Debt Relief Program for you

Once it is established that you are eligible, a debt relief program is designed that includes the duration and the amount you need to save each month to get out of the debt trap as soon as possible. You never pay the full amount of your original debt-load. A total amount is decided based on your ability to pay. A special purpose account is opened for you in which you start saving each month.

3. FREED assists you throughout the program

A relationship manager is assigned to you and helps you throughout the program. They connect with you and assist you in multiple ways. They teach you how to tackle collection activities. They can also send you a reminder if you forget to make monthly savings in your SPA. You can always share if there is an issue you are facing while saving. FREED understands and will not push you to save if there is a genuine problem. But the only drawback is that your debt relief is pushed a little ahead of the estimated time.

4. FREED helps you complete the program

The FREED team assists you in multiple ways to complete the program and is readily available if you are facing any obstacles. As each client is different, so are their requirements. FREED team will also create constructive solutions to your concerns whenever needed.

5. FREED leads you to a debt free future

As soon as the estimated amount decided at the time of your enrollment is saved in your Special Purpose Account, FREED approaches your lender. After your debt is resolved, you pay a nominal service fee that was also estimated at the time of your enrollment and you officially become debt-free.

This is all FREED can do for you. There are some things that will also be done by you.

So, do you believe that FREED can help you with your debt? If yes, then connect.

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