How long do you think can manage paycheck to paycheck?


Hey you! Yes You! How have you been? How is life treating you? Or, let’s ask otherwise...

How are you treating life?

Yes, life is not always what happens to you. Life is also what you create. No, this isn’t another boring philosophical-motivational stuff that you are going to read. Let’s talk about Subroto. You don’t know Subroto? Well, let’s read his story first and then see if you know him or not.

Subroto, 40, was employed in a call center in Gurugram. He was earning well. He started using credit cards. He eventually obtained a large number of credit cards. He took out some personal loans for his son’s education as well. He didn’t share why he started borrowing money from his colleagues to repay the EMIs on his credit cards. He also started transferring money from one debit card to another and took out new loans to pay off previous ones, all of which were available instantly online. He was still managing somehow. But then one day the manager was not happy with his performance and asked him to leave. He couldn’t find a new job. He didn’t restrict his spending, thinking that he would be able to manage. Sometimes we get hopelessly hopeful. Don't we? After a few days, Subroto vanished. Some say, he went back to his hometown. The collection agents started bothering their colleagues, and this went on for a few months. At a reunion, people did remember Subroto, but no one still knows where he is.

Now we ask you, do you know any ‘Subroto’?

Can you guess what went wrong in his life?

Yes, you guessed it right. It was a lack of financial discipline. He was earning well. But he was not controlling his expenses. He saw credit cards and personal loans as easy money but forgot that they come with a time limit.

This story is, in a way, haunting to many of us. If you know someone around you who is in a situation like this, we urge that you connect with them and help them out. If you are seeking professional help, we are always there. Our debt experts are always there to assist you in understanding your debt load by pulling your credit report and accurately predicting what lies ahead for you. Having worldwide exposure to debt problems and expertise in the Indian economy, the FREED team knows when to assist, where to assist, and how to assist. We have not curated one-for-all programs. However, our programs are designed in such a way that they must be customized for each of you. There is no ambiguity. Everything is crystal clear.

But a lot still lies with you. If you think you can manage living paycheck to paycheck throughout your life, then it's up to you. But if you want to get out of this exhausting routine, you can always choose from our Debt Relief Programs: Debt Consolidation Program and Debt Resolution Program. Rest assured; we are always there to help!

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