Freedom from debt: a reality or a dream?


The last few years have changed us. Debt became a massive problem, and the Indian government and its regulatory bodies had to intervene. This shows the severity of the situation. There were news reports of people taking their lives because of debt. This was horrific. They saw no way out.

They had individual struggles, but one thing that was common to all was that they saw freedom from debt as far from reality. A debt-free life became a dream that couldn’t be realized in this lifetime. Isn't it terribly sad? Debt had the power to defeat. But who gave debt so much power? When did debt become a problem instead of a helper?

Things change with time. People do, so do objects, and so do concepts. Debt couldn’t help this passage of time. Debt was not standing alone. It started out monstrous with hardships, and time kept adding layers to it. The inability of the debtor to manage debt magnified debt’s powers to the point where it was able to swallow the debtor's will to be.

FREED does not promote it. We genuinely care for you and want you to live your best life. After all, life is a gift from God, why waste it on one mistake. We all make mistakes, don’t we?

Let’s take a pledge to rectify all our not-so-great decisions from today onward. If this includes debt, then let’s deal with it together. Yes, we are serious, and we want to make it possible for you. You will be surprised to know that FREED specifically came into existence to eliminate unhealthy debt problems from your life. You might find many who will make claims to make your life as debt free as possible, but most of them just delay your debt problems instead of addressing them. They do not provide complete relief. Because of such organizations, people begin to believe that getting out of debt is impossible. Because delaying only provides temporary relief, the harassment cycle begins once again when you stop paying to these organizations. This is unethical.

FREED never gets into anything unethical and has strong moral values to abide by. It complies with the law and is completely transparent in its debt relief process. This is why FREED vouches for the fact that a ‘Debt FREE life is Possible’.

FREED has till now consulted thousands of people for free and enrolled most of them, turning their dream of a Debt Free Life into a reality. What do you choose today?

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