FREED Care in India and its impact on your life


"The purpose of life is not to be happy; it is to be useful, honorable, compassionate, and to know that you have lived and lived well." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here the poet asserts that an individual may be very happy in their life, but what’s the use when he is of no use to others? The core values of FREED, i.e., empathy, passion, and service, deeply resonate with the great thinking of the beloved poet, though they are not inspired by the same. What inspired them were the real-life problems and the need for a resolution. The founders of FREED saw how the pandemic was affecting those around them. They noticed that people were struggling due to unpaid debts.

As responsible entrepreneurs, they rolled up their sleeves and entered the field. They dared and became pioneers by launching India’s 1st debt relief platform. You will be surprised to know, despite being just two years old, FREED has consulted thousands of people and guided them with their queries about debt.

People take out new loans to pay off old ones, and the debt cycle continues. By not providing loans or any other kind of monetary assistance, FREED puts a full stop to the debt trap. At face value, it may look like no help at all. Have you ever thought about why they’re not doing what those who appear to be helping you are? Take a moment; we are waiting here.

By not giving you any kind of financial assistance and urging you to save your money in a Special Purpose Account, FREED breaks the unhealthy cycle of borrowing. This cycle might seem totally normal but is actually abnormal. In this world of manipulated information, FREED dares to stand by the truth and present an accurate picture of your situation.

As soon as you get in touch with FREED, you start to receive accurate information, knowledge, assistance, empathy, support, and a needed reality check about your debt situation. FREED listens and believes in the uniqueness of your situation. Don’t you think it is precious? There is someone who is not judging you but actually listening to you and establishing the intensity of your hardship. This is how you start to trust again, an important prerequisite to leading a healthy life. After the establishment of hardship, FREED waits for your consent to connect. Upon your acceptance, you are enrolled in the program and can start saving money for debt relief. The duration of the program depends on the amount you owe. From here onward, not only will you save money but also increase your financial literacy while staying in touch with our relationship managers. You become more sound, aware, and capable of dealing with the financial world. After all, not all hardships are meant to break you. You can and will always rise above your problems, and this is the kind of impact that FREED has on you!

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