Do you want to retire with debt?


All professionals think about and plan for retirement. Not all of us are blessed to live our whole lives like a long holiday. We wish we could. But most of us don’t have that privilege. And, please do not think this is because we belong to a developing nation. The situation is not much different in the developed nations either.

Debt is a worldwide phenomenon, and problem. It gets shaped by the socio-economic structures of the countries that are dealing with it. Some ethics and morals are common worldwide, be it in a small country or a big nation, a modern society or a primitive society. These commonalities unite us and make the world one big family.

Thus, this is how all of us associate savings, security, and comfort with retirement. Also, we share the common fear of being helpless in old age. Is it that hard to see people paying off debts in old age? Have we not seen people around us taking odd jobs after retirement to pay off debt, either for themselves or for their children? Aren't there stories in the papers about senior citizens being mistreated because of debt?

This is a sad reality, and we cannot escape from it. We do not wish this to happen to anyone. We're confident neither do you. So, what shall we do now? We must work to get debt relief as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever take a loan or rule out the possibility of taking on a loan in the future. We don’t know what’s going to happen. We can never eliminate unpredictability and uncertainty from our lives. All we can do is prepare and plan.

  1. Sit down and map out a plan for yourself that is in liaison with the people that matter in your life. After all, we don’t live for ourselves but for others as well.
  2. Highlight the points where you think you will need help of any sort.
  3. Accept the unpredictability that manifests as emergencies and try to save.
  4. Save the contacts that you can reach out to in emergencies.
  5. Keep yourself updated about innovative solutions that are being created or redefined to cater to current scenarios.

The above steps can help you identify, acknowledge, and accept your unique reality. What next?

When you accept, you come out of the denial state and keep yourself ready. You know there was a character on Indian TV who said, "I am not scared of you because I don’t know you, but because I know myself way too well." Thus, if you know yourself—your strengths, weaknesses, and plans—unpredictable hardships may trigger you and sometimes shake you too hard, but you will never be able to leave where you belong. And this is what matters. You might get shaken, but never defeated.

We trust that you will be able to have a debt-free retirement, and if you need professional help, then our entire FREED team awaits. By regularly innovating, we have designed programs that will give your life a solid debt-free foundation and a carefree retirement.

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