Do you need debt relief?


How long have you been uncomfortable with your debts? Are you ignoring your credit card bills and personal loan instalments? Has your salary been exhausted and you are left with no money to pay the EMIs? Or have you lost your job? Or have you suffered a business loss? Or has someone in your family become ill? And it has been a few months that you have not been able to pay, and you know that you will not be able to pay in the future either? Is one of these happening to you?

Well, if yes, then you need debt relief! Do you know what debt relief is? Or do you know someone around you who is talking about it?

Debt relief, as the name suggests, means relief from debt. Sometimes, when the debt is less, our parents, spouses, friends, or colleagues lend us money to pay it off. This is also a kind of debt relief. But there are many times when we cannot seek help from our family and friends. So, what can we do then?

When you do not have any friends or family to help out, you have FREED! Yes, FREED—India's 1st Debt Relief Platform—has a debt relief program that will help you get relief from debt. It is very important to clarify here that debt relief doesn't mean the same kind or level of relief for everyone who comes to FREED looking for help. As every individual is unique, so are their cases.

Let us explain step-by-step what you need to do:

1. Know your situation

If you are unable to pay your credit card bills or monthly instalments consecutively for a few months due to a lack of money, you might need debt relief.

2. Accept your situation

You need to accept that you are not able to handle your situation on your own or with the help of your friends and family. You need professional help that will get you out of debt while keeping your matter private and confidential, which is rarely the case when we seek help from family or friends. When you connect with FREED via a phone call or app, FREED debt advisors analyze your situation and let you know what should be done. It is up to you whether you want to remain in your current situation or change it for the better.

3. Register yourself in the Debt Relief Program

When you decide you need debt relief, you connect with FREED and register yourself in the Debt Relief Program. The specialty of this program is that it is flexible and designed to help people with different situations and problems. The makers of this program understand that everyone has a different kind of financial capacity and problems. This is the reason why this program can be redesigned every single time for a new person.

4. Complete the program

You save your money each month until the required amount is saved in the special purpose account. After this, FREED negotiates and settles your debt on your behalf with your creditors or lenders.

Are you ready to begin your debt-free journey?

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