Depressed because of debts? Here is what can be done!


Are you under constant stress? Is your health getting affected because your credit card bills and personal loans are getting out of control? Is there no one around who trusts you, understands you, and can guide you about EMIs? Let us make it clear that you are not alone, and we should definitely connect.

Do you know that there are many like you who are struggling with debt? But do not worry; we are here to help you with your situation. After all, what have you done wrong?

There are many credit card holders and personal loan borrowers who are not able to manage their money properly. You might be surprised to learn that credit card and personal loan mismanagement are becoming increasingly common. Due to a lack of information and awareness, credit card holders and personal loan borrowers get into trouble. We completely understand these situations and feel the pain of the borrowers.

Do you know that having loans and using credit cards is not as bad as it may feel right now? Borrowing is common and acceptable everywhere. What is unacceptable is not returning what you took! This is where all the trouble starts. But please do not be stressed or ashamed. We understand that you wanted to repay but then something or the other happened that made you a defaulter. You were not able to manage the finances. You did not know what to do. Right?

But FREED knows what needs to be done. This is why FREED—India's 1st Debt Relief Platform—came into existence. You can use this platform to free yourself from debt. Yes, it's true. If you really want to get out of debt and its effects, then you can connect with FREED’s Debt Experts over a phone call or through the FREED app. The debt advisors listen to your concerns and let you know what needs to be done in your particular situation. They will calculate your loans and interest rates and let you know if you should enroll in the Debt Relief Program or not. FREED will never mislead you. Only if you meet the requirements of the program, i.e., are eligible, Freed's Debt Advisors will ask you to register. Now, what is a debt relief program? In this program, you start saving money in an account created specially to make you debt-free. Over the course of time, when you have saved the required lump sum, FREED approaches your creditors to strike a deal with your consent. When your lender agrees, the lump sum is paid, and you are debt-free. Please note that FREED does not charge an upfront fee. FREED only charges its service fee only after the settlement of your debt. You will pay a minimal monthly subscription fee each month until you are a part of the program. Last but not least, you will be assisted by a relationship manager throughout the program.

Are you ready for the change?

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