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Hey, thank you! We have curated a special story for you that will help you succeed in 2023. This is the story of Manik.

"Hello, hello. Please do not do anything to my family. I am not at home. I will come home and talk to you." Manik pleaded. But the abuse from the other side of the call continued. He hid from his family the fact that he had taken out a huge personal loan last year.

Manik’s sister was getting married. Everyone was very happy. After many years, someone in the family was getting married. But due to COVID, the family had a restricted budget. Manik was working for a private company but was not getting enough salary to buy their favourite things for everyone in his family. He went to the office and googled personal loans. He was very happy that there were many lenders in the market who were ready to give instant loans without any paperwork. He was so happy that he didn’t even bother to look at the rate of interest that was being charged. He thought he would be able to pay sooner or later. He applied for the loan and received it within 2 minutes. He was so happy to get an instant loan that he shared it with his colleague. His colleague told him that he could also use a credit card. Manik believed that the more, the better. He thought, "Why not use a credit card for purchases?" Evidently, he has a job, and he will be able to pay. He was full of happiness and joy. The wedding was fun. Everyone was so happy that they got to wear whatever they wanted. Nobody compromised on anything. Manik was happiest that he could provide for all. All was well; Manik uploaded the picture on social media. Everyone was praising him. His parents were proud that Manik could manage everything. Despite his parents' expressed concern, he never revealed where he got the money. It has been 10 days since he rejoined the office. He is informed that he has to leave because they no longer need his contribution. His job was gone. He was not prepared. He had no savings. Manik was confused. He missed his EMIs. He had too much to repay. His creditors sought the help of collection agents. He started getting calls from collection agents who threatened and abused him. This is not the end of harassment. They reached his home. His mother opened the door, and they started abusing his mother. She told them Manik was not at home. Finally, Manik somehow took their call and pleaded with them not to harm his family. They threatened him heavily. Manik was so lost. No money, no help, nothing. But he saw an advertisement about debt relief. He couldn’t understand what this was. But he thought this might be his last resort. He connected. He changed his life. And do you know who Manik approached? You guessed it correctly: FREED.

Just like Manik, you too, have the power to change your life! Are you ready to choose a debt-free future?

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