A New Year, a New You!


Hey! How are you? Still in the New Year mode?

It's already been a week in 2023, and we're looking forward to exciting developments!

We hope that this year will be financially prosperous for you, and have some important information that can make you a 'Smart Credit Card User' this time! Hold On! Don't get bored yet! As almost everyone owns a credit card today, it is important to know what to do differently in 2023 so that you have the best possible time using it. So, shall we?

Do you know that credit card point redemption policies can be changed?

Have you also collected a good number of credit card points to redeem later? Please check with your creditor as most points have an expiration date.

Do you know that different credit cards have different interest rates and charges?

If you have a card that you find difficult to use or manage, then you must opt for a new credit card. But before applying for a new one, it is always wise to compare all the options available. Many times, it becomes difficult to manage all the cards. Charges like processing fees and late payments are applied that increase the cost for the credit card holder.

Do you read the fine print?

Or do you disregard the Terms and Conditions section in the documents that come with your credit card? Ignoring these details can cause us serious damage, so it is always advised to read the fine print everywhere. It is often the case that the fine print carries the most important information for the credit card holder.

Do you have a habit of taking more than you need?

You do it to be on the safe side but end up stockpiling or wasting it. Restrict yourself. Practice self-discipline. Unlike cash, a credit card looks like endless easy money. Always ask yourself, "Do you really need it?" before making a new purchase. This allows you to save money while also avoiding unnecessary debt.

Do you check your credit score?

Make a habit of checking your credit score and repaying your card bills on time. If needed, seek expert help to learn more about how to maintain a healthy credit score and how to use it to your advantage. Experts know the best.

And lastly, do you seek professional help for your financial concerns?

Do you know that seeking financial advice is common in the United States and the United Kingdom but not in India? How many times have you approached a financial consultant or advisor? However, the good news is that people are no longer afraid to seek professional advice as needed.

For instance, in the last two years, thousands of Indians looking for debt relief have approached FREED. They are now enjoying a debt-free life. Are you enjoying a debt-free life too? If not, why not choose FREED?

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