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How Debt Settlement Works?

You can embark on your journey of financial freedom with very simple steps. At FREED, we settle all types of unsecured loans that are in default and are causing you anxiety right now and pose a risk to your credit worthiness in future. FREED is on your side, ready to help you get out of your debt once and for all.

You don’t have to do it alone, we are in it together.

Loan Relief Is Simple!

Tell Us About Your Debt

If you have an outstanding credit card bill or a personal loan that is overdue, call us and find out if FREED can be a right solution for you.

See How You Qualify

FREED enrols all unsecured debts & loans that are overdue for more than 90 days, we shall help you to understand the eligibility and optimal settlement checks.

Enrol in Program & Save

See the time and money that FREED can save for you. Choose a program and FREED will negotiate and settle your debts until they are behind you.

How Program at FREED Works?

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Once you enrol in FREED debt settlement program, start building up your deposit through a digital escrow account that YOU control.

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Once enough funds in your Escrow account build up, FREED negotiates with creditors for the most optimal settlement offer.

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FREED secures the best offer with maximum savings from your creditors. Upon your approval to settle, creditor is settled in full.

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Once the amount has been paid to the creditor, you get your settlement letter, your debts are behind you and you no longer owe anything to the creditor.

Reduce your principal, not just the interest & fees.

We are available to help you, every step of the way. Start today.

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