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Types of debt

Different Types of Debt: Which one is for you?

Digitalization of banking and easy access to loans have changed the whole dynamic of borrowing in India. People tend to borrow from various channels without analyzing the risk, terms, and conditions of borrowing. Due to a lack of financial knowledge, many people borrow from non-registered NBFCs, whi...
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debt trap

Debt Trap: The truth and all you need to know

The increasing burden of day-to-day life has put a massive strain on people. Almost everything is just a click away. From clothes to electronic items, you can buy everything online. Hence, the rapid technological growth has led to overspending. The first step toward the debt trap is often overspendi...
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Budgeting: The basics and a little more

Budgeting seems like a hard and fast task at times, but it is not. You have to learn to manage your finances well and understand your current and past spending habits, but it becomes easy once you take that first step. The tricky part is not making a budget; it is sticking to it and […]...
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debt settlement

Is debt settlement the right option for you?

After the pandemic, as per RBI’s report, the number of NPA accounts increased. People have been struggling hard to pay off their monthly EMIs and loans. Moreover, there has been an increase in payday loans, which has increased the number of NPA accounts. The debt burden and harassing calls fro...
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debt settlement

Impact of Debt Settlement on Credit Score

Debt settlement is undoubtedly a new concept in the Indian market. Ongoing pandemic has left many people confused and with their finances going out of their hands. Even after being a country with 139 crores residents, India has no consumer debt relief services. The lack of reforms for consumers suff...
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